Gameroil's laboratory is responsible of the quality control and formulation, leaded by a high qualificated team of chemists with a large experience analyzing all kind of oils.

We test with new and used products to get a valuable information that we subsequently use for the production of very high quality lubricants. The laboratory, like the factory, is equipped with the most advanced equipments in the sector:
•    X-rays to determine metals.
•    Viscosity measurements at 15ºC ASTM D-1298, 40º C ASTM D-445, and at 100º C ASTM D-445.
•    ASTM D-92 flash point with open cup.
•    ASTM D-664 neutralization number.
•    Total Base Number & Total Acid Number ASTM D-664.
•    FTir spectroscopy infrared hydrocarbon composition per Laplace transformed.

Engine oils / Lubricants

Gameroil provides crucial information about the quality and performance of lubricants and oils used in diesel and gasoline engines and other mechanical systems. Quality control analysis includes lubricant analysis programs for high-performance engines. Las pruebas de calidad de lubricantes de Gameroil ayudan a nuestros clientes a minimizar costosas reparaciones y pérdidas de tiempo alertando al cliente de los pequeños fallos que se presentan antes de que se conviertan en grandes y costosos problemas. Gameroil's lubricant quality testings help our customers to minimize the repairing costs and optimize time by alerting the customer from minor failures that appear before they become large and expensive problems.